My passion for strategy and strategic advisory started many years ago, but peaked in early 2000´s when I first entered became responsible for strategy in the business I was in. Since then I have had several VP Strategy positions within global companies and nordic companies. Later I was blessed to serve as a senior advisor for many companies, and been able to give strategic advice that has opened eyes and created movement in so many ways. I simply love how we have changed the way we work with strategy. From time consuming, constrained processes for a few people in management, into a much more creative, motivational, transformational way of working. Strategy today is a day to day tool for everyone in the company or organisation. Creating crystal clear direction and all hands on deck focus to make it happen. My toolbox is wide and deep, having worked with strategic advisory and strategy processes for many years, in many areas of the world and in various industries. My personal motto is that "Strategy is for everyone". As soon as we engage the majority of the organisasion/company/place in strategy and infuel energy and life force, the ball is moving in the right direction and foucs.


Since I started my own leadership journey many years ago I have been absolutely superengaged in how leadership can bring out the worst and the best in both business and people. Leaders are only people, and no matter how hard we try to differentiate between who we are in person and what kind of leaders we are for our people, we simply can not. Working with yourself, developing your skills as a leader, is very much about holistic personal development on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. It always succeeds when it´s build from the authentic self. I especially love to introduce the leadership concept I have founded and developed; Business Equanimity Leadership. I have been teaching this concept for various leaders and management teams; and it is the best way to increase value creation and reduce inefficiency I have ever seen. We teach leaders about their own emotions and inner pain without having to react on it, but to keep a sense of calmness and ability to focus on what is best for the organization / business / place. I have run leadership development programs for various companies, organisations and places around the world and they all have one thing in common; first we are crystal clear on vision, strategy and goals, and then we build from there. The unique capabilities needed in order to succeed are our leading stars, and we strengthen the human & leadership capabilities in the same direction.


Sustainable growth programs strives to build economic growth hand in hand with environmental stewardship and social inclusion & diversity. A great place to live and a great place to grow, planet and people aligned. It is about meeting the diverse needs of different communities to create a better quality of life and future for all. Whether you represent a country, an organisation or a business; we all want to reach somewhere and are striving to make it happen. What I found to be very true, is that it is not all growth plans that are meant to be. Finding that true vision, true strategic goals, true future picture of the world or business we want to create is simply so important. Everyone who has strived and strived and strived and ends up at the same place knows how that feeling is. And Einsteins quote is still so true; "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". So in order to create growth old energy and stuck ways of doing things need to go, and we pave the way for new thoughts, ideas and practices. In fact building a growth program for sustainable growth is very much about creating new habits, new ways of doing things, and make sure it´s implemented in more and more people. The change programs that truly create growth have crystal clear strategic goals but are in fact very practical and down to earth. People and culture are my two focus areas and where everything builds from. The sustainable development areas I love to work with are clean ocean, renewable energy with solar and wind energy, and green spaces and eco systems. We focus on fostering alliances across various sectors; public and private, businesses and NGOs, small and large enterprises, and academic centers.