Let´s walk together
A Transformative business concept lighting the way to Resilience and Positive Change in people, businesses and societies. "Path of Hope" was established in 2023 from the desire to ignite more hope in people, businesses and societies. Hope is one fundamental factor behind the ability to change and make an impact, and often overlooked.
"Path of Hope" highlights the critical role of collective hope in initiating global transformation. It addresses the challenge of turning awareness into action by emphasizing the need for a shared vision and a sense of hope that can inspire individuals and communities to drive positive change.
We run development processes to companies who wants to accelerate innovation and change through collective hope. And we run smaller retreats around the globe.

Path of Hope is a key part of conferences and summits where their aim is to make a real impact by emphasizing hope as a catalyst for value creation and innovation at both individual and business levels.
1. Keynote; an inspirational speech that not only motivate attendees but also provide practical guidance on how to cultivate clear and collective hope and manifest it in tangible actions.
2. Interactive workshops: for smaller groups and / or specific tracks. Goes deeper into the process of creating hope, equipping participants with hands-on techniques and strategies to make hope a driving force.
3. Transformational spaces for larger groups; inviting people in healing practices, meditations, ritual