Welcome to Rise Up; a Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Itziar Golar & Benedicte H Mjos. We are finally traveling to Lanzarote and staying on the North side of the island. This is a fantastic place where we can enjoy the sea, sun, warmth, delicious vegetarian food, healing, yoga, hikes, and much, much more together. It will be an exciting week filled with nourishment for both body and soul. Give yourself a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries and boost your body and soul with delightful energies. Here, you can treat yourself to an amazing week of deep and simple yoga, meditation, and new energy in beautiful surroundings, with the chance to enjoy the sun and swim in the beautiful sea. You'll indulge in well-prepared and life-giving vegetarian food. You'll rejuvenate your body's energy and get ready.

  • Date: 11.10.2024 08:00 PM - 18.10.2024 08:00 PM
  • Location Lanzarote, Teguise, Spania (Map)
  • More Info: Famara beach



A place for inner peace

We'll be staying at Munsoo, located on the north side of Lanzarote in a peaceful and beautiful area of the island, about a 30-minute drive from the airport. The retreat is nestled in the hillside with a magnificent volcano view. The location offers excellent opportunities for hiking, swimming, and other activities in addition to daily yoga and meditation, as well as inner and outer journey. In the evening, we fall asleep to the sound of nature, and in the morning, we wake up to warmth and delightful temperatures.

There's also plenty of time for relaxation. The place is quiet, surrounded by volcanos. The area invites you to have wonderful experiences. It's not a hotel, but two beautiful houses, and you'll share a room with a partner (single rooms are available for an additional fee).

We are surrounded by nature. The garden includes a wide variety of trees, flowers and a swimming pool. The sea is very close to the retreat. The white, long, sandy beach of Famara is amazing.

We aim to create an oasis that caters to all guests, whether they seek solitude or companionship. Lunch is usually served in the restaurant next to the house or on excursions. In the evening, we dine on the restaurant terrace. Culinary delights for body balance. During your stay, we'll be served exciting and mostly organic,

plant-based meals with options of some fish and chicken, three meals a day. The menu will be a culinary delight designed to boost our vitality and energy. The ingredients are organic and chosen seasonally, offering a tasty and healthy menu. If any guests have intolerances or allergies, we will do our utmost to accommodate these needs. If any guests desire a glass of wine or beer, it will be served as well. We can offer fantastic local and international wine. Alcohol and coffee is not included in the course price but is paid for individually.

A journey into yourself

Every day, Itziar will guide you in yoga, where breath combine with simple and effective exercises help us release blockages on all levels and be completely present. With Method Inneris you will learn how to move effectively and confidently through asanas. Understanding how your body works and the purpose of each asana and how to practice safely. You will explore the fundamentals of the vinyasa yoga practice. Get ready to raise your awareness and activate every muscle in your body while improving your strength, flexibility and endurance. You will receive instructions and an intuitive alignment that will inspire you to keep moving on the mat. Some of the benefits are; Build strength, flexibility and awareness of your body; Reach your full potential in practice effectively and safely; Move freely and confidently on your mat.

Beyond simply holding great postures or training your body, it is a journey that leads us to greater union with ourselves, allowing us to gain greater confidence and certainty to live a life that we choose. This journey respects the uniqueness of the individual and at the same time contributes to the benefit of the collective community.

Itziar has more than 15 years of experience as a yoga coach and yoga teacher and has a warmth and depth that embraces and supports you.

The level is suitable for both those who have practiced yoga before and beginners. You don't need to be yoga-flexible to join! Yoga means 'to meet/unite'; it's about your encounter with the exercises – and letting your breath lead you. Each yoga session is 1.5 hours.

In the afternoon or evening we will have a combination of meditation, yoga nidra (resting yoga) and other healing experiences. These will be run by Benedicte or by Itziar. Benedicte is a certified yoga nidra teacher and have 20 years experiences in guiding and coaching people on their development journeys. No pre experience in meditation is required.


We will have several excursions in beautiful cultural landscapes and on lovely beaches.